Aluminium ingots
Aluminium ingots are one of our main products
We have also manufacturing plants specialized in making Alum Alloy, Alum Rod, Alum Ingot, aluminum components for the sales of more than 15 billion RhiB1900,000 tons in 2013
Aluminum ingot for remelting: In accordance with GB 1196-93 standard The commonly used alloy compositions are 1100,2024, 3003,5056,5252,6063,6463,6061,6060,6082,7075.
Commonly states are T4, T5,T6,T52, T832etc.
Our Aluminum extrusion plant arid deep proceeding plant also produce all kind of aluminum extrusion,aluminum windows&doors, aluminum fence, other industrial profile etc.
Aluminum profiles for different application:
  windows and doors               curtain wall
  thrrmo-breaking windows      industrial purpose
Aluminum profiles in finish:
  mill finish              auodizing finish
  electroÒ»deposition finish            powder costing finish
  liquid paint finish                         wood simulation finish
  polishing finish                            fluorocarbon finish
  other finish
Aluminum profiles in different alloy  OfiDfil,  5063, 5050,  6D05,51U5,  6N01,  5D82 etc)  and temper status for special application.
the original ladder manufaclurers
we make ladder innovationwith full alum industry chains our awn alum rod and ingot makes for the final cost and safety control detailed alum testing report for every lot of alum alloy for real safety by special chemical compostion and states of alum profile.
supported by NORINCO and RUSAL (the largest alum producer in world)
we are not only ladder and scaffolding specialist but alum kingdom to sell more alum material not only by alum ladders distribution but ladder assembling world wide through reliable world famous global retailers and exclusive partners in each country
we are Walmart supplier CKO ladder makes technology free to world wide partners to get the best cost together in the best place and way for long term stable coperations ladders makes machinery and engineers training and spares are all fully supported by Robinson in this service meeting global ladder standard for all developed countries
if needed and price right safety guaranteed under our own professional ladder standard and OC for all developing countries partners upon sample or drawings approval
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Credible, Dependable, Practical.
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People oriented, teamwork, innovation
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